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Marine Engines
Remanufactured Marine/Boat Engine
Engine Blocks
Welcome to the S&S Rebuilt Engines website! Our website provides you with helpful information, buying recommendations for auto and marine engines/motors.

"I just purchased a remanufactured 350 engine for my 1998 GMC Sierra 4X4 and I am delighted. The truck runs with about 20% more power than the original engine - gets a little better gas mileage and makes me feel like I have a new truck. The total cost, including installation and shipping was only $2300, after the core deposit. I feel this is one of the smartest investments I've ever made. The engine parts are just what you claimed, all better and stronger than the original. Now I can go another 5 years and save about 25K in truck payments. Thanks for a marvelous product and perfect service."
W. F. Strong (Brownsville, Texas 78520)

Car Engines
Car Engines
Our rebuilt car engine inventory includes applications for most American/Domestic and Japanese/Import engines (small & big blocks). We offer the public and automotive professionals (mechanics and car repair shops) low-cost rebuilt engines (short and long blocks). We build engines for Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Dodge Chrysler, Toyota and most other makes. Are you restoring a car or truck? Do not compromise quality and value by purchasing a short-life used engine. Instead, invest in the future of your car by purchasing a remanufactured engine that will last many more years. One that will guarantee long term performance equal to or superior than a new OEM engine.
Marine Engines
Marine Engines
Find information and pricing on inboard boat engines manufactured by Ford, GM Chevrolet and Dodge Chrysler (Mopar). The typical marine inboard / outboard engine looks like an automobile engine but it's built with many extra performance features to sustain the roughness of riding on water. Also, the marine engine block has a better water resistance tolerance. Our boat motors come with a twelve month unlimited mile warranty. To find the correct engine for your boat, please refer to your owner's boat manual or check the casting on the engine block. Note, we do not sell any Mercury or outboard motors for speed boats or any other small water crafts.
Here, you will find descriptive information on many particular engine problem(s) and suggested solutions. Before you install or repair an engine, please visit our article collection. You may find some troubleshooting tips and/or advice that will save you time, energy and money. You will also benefit from our installation guides and the questions and answers section. Our guides address the most common questions that are related to installing a particular rebuilt engine. Again, please advise your installer to visit this section before installing your new engine (crate, used or remanufactured).
Car Repair Shops
Car Repair Shops
In an effort to provide you with the best experience while buying and installing a remanufactured/rebuilt engine, we have assembled a list of mechanics and auto repair shops. This directory is composed of professional companies that can help you install an engine in a cost-effective manner. Most importantly you will be ensured that the performance of your engine is guaranteed to be of highest quality. If you do not have experience in repairing and/or installing an engine, we highly recommend that you find a local technician. One that will help you install, test and evaluate your new engine.
Used Car&Truck Engines
Used Car&Truck Engines
Looking for a Used Engine? Our salvage yards carry fresh supply of used car and truck engines. Find here a premium used engine for your automobile. Buy here a low mileage used engine and get up to 3 years warranty and a low price guarantee!
Most Popular Engines - Summary Data
Chevy 350
This is a GM gas engine, 8 cylinder, V8 block, 5.7 liters or 350 cubic inch displacement. The 350 engine is used on many GM cars, sport utility vehicles, UPS trucks and pickups such as Chevy Camaro, Corvette, Van, Pickup and S10 Blazer. The 350 is also installed on various Cadillac, GMC, Oldsmobile and Pontiac automobiles.
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Ford 5.0
This is a Ford 5.0L engine, 8 cylinder, V-8 block, gasoline fuel injected with engine size of 5.0 L / 302 cid. The 5.0 engine can be found on some Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles such as Mustang, F150, F250, F350, Pickup, Continental and Grand Marquis.
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Jeep 4.0
This is an AMC Jeep engine, 4.0 Liter, L6 or 6 cylinder, straight block, gasoline fuel injected with engine size of 4.0 L / 242 cid. The 4.0L engine can be found on Jeep Cherokee, Comanche, Grand Cherokee, TJ And Wrangler models.
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Toyota 2.4
This is a Toyota gasoline engine straight block and 2.4 Liter or 2366 cubic centimeter engine size. the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine is utilized on various Toyota models such as 4Runner, Celica, Corona and Pickup.
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Jeep 2.5
This is an AMC Jeep engine, 2.5 Liter, L4 or 4 cylinder, straight block, gasoline fuel injected with engine size of 2.5 L / 150 cid. The 2.5L engine can be found on Jeep Cherokee, CJ5, CJ7, Comanche, Scrambler, TJ And Wrangler applications.
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Dodge 5.9
This is another most wanted Dodge Chrysler engine (AKA Mopar). The reman V8, 5.9 long block engine is equipped with two cylinder heads (4 cyl each) and a short block. The 5.9/360 motor is mainly used on Dodge Chrysler Plymouth minivans, vans, pickups/trucks.
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GM 6.5 Diesel
This is a GM diesel engine, 8 cylinder, V8 block, 6.5 liters or 395 cid, Turbo and Non-Turbo. The 6.5 diesel engine is used on various General Motors trucks, SUVs, utility/delivery trucks and school busses such as GMC Yukon, Suburban, Pickup and Hummer. The 6.5 L motor is utilized on different marine and trucking applications. This diesel engine is available as a long block or bought as a complete package that contains the motor and accessories. Note, the turbo can come as a top or side mount. Call for details.
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General Articles on Import N' Domestic Engines
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Chevy Cavalier
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GMC Jimmy
Dodge Aspen
Dodge Caravan
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Dakota
Dodge Grand Caravan
Dodge Intrepid
Dodge Ram 50
Dodge Ramcharger
Dodge W250 Pickup
Dodge Daytona
Ford Aerostar
Ford Bronco
Ford Mustang
Ford Probe
Ford Escort
Ford Explorer
Ford Ranger
Ford Taurus
Ford F250 Pickup
Ford F350 Pickup
Jeep Cherokee
Jeep CJ5
Jeep CJ6
Jeep CJ7
Jeep Comanche
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Scrambler
Jeep TJ
Jeep Wagoneer
Jeep Wrangler
Toyota 4Runner
Toyota Avalon
Toyota Camry
Toyota Celica
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Pickup
Toyota T100
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota VAN

We are devoted to continual learning of the remanufacturing engine business. Since the formation of our manufacturing plants in 72, we have preserved an amazing defect rate and an exceptional customer support. We have served thousands of pleased customers world wide.