Buick Engines — Available Buick Auto & Truck Engine Long/Short Blocks

Buick manufactured various engines and motors. Whether you a Buick car or truck, you have to identify the engine size of your Buick vehicle. Please select your engine size.

Choose Your Vehicle Model Below

Buick 1816/1.8 LL41.8 L1816
Buick 112/1.8 LL41121.8 L
Buick 122/2.0 LL41222.0 L
Buick 134/2.2 LL41342.2 L
Buick 138/2.3 LL41382.3 L
Buick 146/2.4 LL41462.4 L
Buick 151/2.5 LL41512.5 L2474
Buick 250/4.1 LL62504.1 L
Buick 258/4.2 LL62584.2 L
Buick 173/2.8 LV61732.8 L
Buick 181/3.0 LV61813.0 L
Buick 189/3.1 LV61893.1 L
Buick 194/3.2 LV61943.2 L
Buick 198/3.2 LV61983.2 L
Buick 204/3.3 LV62043.3 L
Buick 207/3.4 LV62073.4 L
Buick 225/3.7 LV62253.7 L
Buick 230/3.8 LV62303.8 L
Buick 231/3.8 LV62313.8 L
Buick 252/4.1 LV62524.1 L
Buick 260/4.3 LV62604.3 L
Buick 265/4.3 LV82654.3 L
Buick 260/4.3 LV82604.3 L
Buick 267/4.4 LV82674.4 L
Buick 301/4.9 LV83014.9 L
Buick 305/5.0 LV83055.0 L
Buick 307/5.0 LV83075.0 L
Buick 322/5.3 LV83225.3 L
Buick 350/5.7 LV83505.7 L
Buick 401/6.6 LV84016.6 L
Buick 403/6.6 LV84036.6 L
Buick 400/6.6 LV84006.6 L
Buick 430/7.0 LV84307.0 L
Buick 425/7.0 LV84257.0 L
Buick 455/7.5 LV84557.5 L