Chrysler Engines — Available Chrysler Auto & Truck Engine Long/Short Blocks

Chrysler manufactured various engines and motors. Whether you a Chrysler car or truck, you have to identify the engine size of your Chrysler vehicle. Please select your engine size.

Choose Your Vehicle Model Below

Chrysler 122/2.0 LL41222.0 L1996
Chrysler 135/2.2 LL41352.2 L
Chrysler 153/2.5 LL41532.5 L2507
Chrysler 2555/2.6 LL42.6 L2555
Chrysler 156/2.6 LL41562.6 L2555
Chrysler 225/3.7 LL62253.7 L3687
Chrysler 152/2.5 LV61522.5 L2497
Chrysler 167/2.7 LV61672.7 L2700
Chrysler 181/3.0 LV61813.0 L2972
Chrysler 200/3.3 LV62003.3 L
Chrysler 201/3.3 LV62013.3 L
Chrysler 215/3.5 LV62153.5 L3497
Chrysler 230/3.8 LV62303.8 L
Chrysler 318/5.2 LV83185.2 L
Chrysler 350/5.7 LV83505.7 L
Chrysler 360/5.9 LV83605.9 L
Chrysler 383/6.3 LV83836.3 L
Chrysler 383/6.4 LV83836.4 L
Chrysler 400/6.6 LV84006.6 L
Chrysler 440/7.2 LV84407.2 L