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Ford Engines -- Available Ford Auto N' Truck Engine Long/Short Blocks
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Ford manufactured various engines and motors. Whether you a Ford car or truck, you have to identify the engine size of your Ford vehicle. Please select your engine size.

Choose Your Vehicle Model Below
Ford 1606/1.6 LL41.6 L1606
Ford 98/1.6 LL4981.6 L1598
Ford 110/1.8 LL41101.8 L
Ford 116/1.9 LL41161.9 L
Ford 122/2.0 LL41222.0 L1989
Ford 133/2.2 LL41332.2 L
Ford 140/2.3 LL41402.3 L
Ford 153/2.5 LL41532.5 L
Ford 150/2.5 LL41502.5 L
Ford 170/2.8 LL61702.8 L
Ford 200/3.3 LL62003.3 L
Ford 240/3.9 LL62403.9 L
Ford 240/4.0 LL62404.0 L
Ford 250/4.1 LL62504.1 L
Ford 262/4.3 LL62624.3 L
Ford 300/4.9 LL63004.9 L
Ford 415/6.8 LV104156.8 L
Ford 152/2.5 LV61522.5 L2450
Ford 171/2.8 LV61712.8 L
Ford 177/2.9 LV61772.9 L
Ford 182/3.0 LV61823.0 L
Ford 181/3.0 LV61813.0 L
Ford 232/3.8 LV62323.8 L
Ford 245/4.0 LV62454.0 L
Ford 242/4.0 LV62424.0 L
Ford 256/4.2 LV62564.2 L
Ford 255/4.2 LV82554.2 L
Ford 260/4.3 LV82604.3 L
Ford 272/4.5 LV82724.5 L
Ford 281/4.6 LV82814.6 L
Ford 289/4.7 LV82894.7 L
Ford 292/4.8 LV82924.8 L
Ford 302/5.0 LV83025.0 L
Ford 312/5.1 LV83125.1 L
Ford 330/5.4 LV83305.4 L
Ford 327/5.4 LV83275.4 L
Ford 351/5.8 LV83515.8 L
Ford 352/5.8 LV83525.8 L
Ford 360/5.9 LV83605.9 L
Ford 361/5.9 LV83615.9 L
Ford 390/6.4 LV83906.4 L
Ford 400/6.6 LV84006.6 L
Ford 421/6.9 LV84216.9 L
Ford 429/7.0 LV84297.0 L
Ford 445/7.3 LV84457.3 L
Ford 446/7.3 LV84467.3 L
Ford 460/7.5 LV84607.5 L