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Isuzu 2827 Engine (V6, 2827 cc, 2.8L)
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This Isuzu 2827/2.8L engine/motor can fit the Trooper and some other Isuzu car and/or truck applications - for more details see your automobile manual.

1989 - 1991

1989-1991 Isuzu 2827 OHV,TBI, rwd,  cast iron heads,Fits 87-8/91.
Engine DescriptionSizeVINPrice/Core
1989-1991 Isuzu 2827 OHV,TBI, rwd, cast iron heads,Fits 87-8/91.

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For troubleshooting tips and repair information on the Isuzu 2827/2.8L engine, please visit our Information page.